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Walk-In Cooler Door Gaskets

Strip Curtains


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Save your money!

U.S. EPA studies have shown that a single reach-in under counter door with an unsealed gasket can cost a restaurant as much as $90 a year per door gasket.  That means the average restaurant that has 12 doors in their kitchen could be losing $1080 a year in energy cost. They also estimate that $1 in average energy savings is equal to $59 in sales.

YUK! This is a faulty gasket we replaced!

Don't fail a corporate or Health department inspection due to faulty gaskets!!


Faulty gaskets cause added stress to your refrigeration equipment, promote mold growth, and waste electricity.

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Set prices - pay by the job, not by the hour.


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Are you handy?  Save significant $$ on gaskets and shipping costs by ordering from us and installing yourself.  

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The magic of gasket making.....

Meet the Owner!

Gregory Dickens

Your local Gasket Guy!

Jovial and personable, Greg has over 30+ years experience in commercial refrigeration. He was often questioned about availability of commercial kitchen gaskets. In 2016 Greg decided to offer gaskets as an exclusive service. Many refrigeration companies admittedly hate dealing with gaskets due to the overwhelming amount of gasket styles and sizes that don't always fit when they should. All gaskets are processed and manufactured here in the USA!


"Cold air escape Gasket Guy of Baltimore!"




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